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About Me

I started my career as a networking specialist, then I specialized, trained, and qualified in a number of skills including but not limited to risk management, business continuity, and project management. I specialized in corporate and enterprise security, cyber defense program development. Now I can tackle the hardest cybersecurity issues.

My aim is to prevent attacks from the scariest cyber attackers, Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves and offer quality assistance throughout the long term serving the constantly changing cyber security environment.

I am a Cyber Security Consultant and principal solution provider about security system integrators and innovative service advisors for a wide range of Cyber security
I have 20+ long years of involvement in the field of cyber security. I have successfully built a number of security practices in the USA.

I am in numerous large undertakings for the supply and establishment of IT Security, Threat Management, penetration testing, identity theft, privacy, and risk management.

Now I am providing Security Awareness Training.


To give class-driving cybersecurity solutions without a doubt and also recognize the security danger and help the firm with current issues.


To identify the hardest cybersecurity issues and providing remarkable solutions to my clients.

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